GUM® TRAVEL Toothbrush | Foldable Brush For On-The-Go Use

Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, a toothbrush will definitely be on your packing list, but you might not have much space in your hand luggage.

This foldable toothbrush is a convenient tool for when you're travelling and need to brush your teeth on-the-go. Just fold it and put in your bag, it will stay clean and fresh. It also features antibacterial* bristles to keep the brush clean between uses.

*with Chlorhexidine





  • Foldable toothbrush with compact head: convenient solution to maintain oral health while traveling and using on-the-go
  • Antibacterial* bristles keep the brush clean between uses
  • Soft bristles for gentle cleaning
  • With tongue cleaner that helps to remove odour-causing bacteria
  • Ventilation holes in the handle allow excess moisture to escape, keeping the brush clean

 *with Chlorhexidine