GUM® JUNIOR Toothbrush | For Children Aged 6+ | Soft Bristles

Brushing for 2 minutes twice a day is important for kids, because permanent teeth are growing (and they'll be needed for a child's entire life).

A parent's role is crucial - they have to verify if kids clean all areas of the mouth. Taking care of new teeth helps them grow strong and healthy, and using a brush with soft bristles that is gentle on teeth and gums is important.
GUM JUNIOR toothbrushes are specially developed for children aged 6 years and over. They encourage proper brushing at this important time when habits are developing.





  • Perfect toothbrush for children from 6 years old
  • Toothbrush head covered with soft rubber for maximum comfort while brushing
  • Soft dome-shaped bristles for gentle and efficient cleaning of child's permanent teeth
  • Central white bristles show children where to place toothpaste
  • Easy-to-grip non-slip handle in just the right size for a child's hand
  • Free-standing design: a handy suction cup on the bottom of the handle lets the brush stand upright to keep bristles clean
  • Protective cap for optimal hygiene while on the go
  • Available in 4 fresh colors

Help your child to establish a good oral care routine while having fun with the help of our GUM Jungle Buddies!

Teaching children about good oral care habits and getting them started early, is one of the most important things for their oral and overall health

Additional Information

  • Your child should apply an amount of GUM JUNIOR toothpaste equivalent in size up to the whole length of the brush head on the GUM JUNIOR toothbrush.
  • Then, gently wiggle the brush back and forth, repeating for all outer and inner surfaces, and cleaning the inner surfaces of front teeth using up-and-down strokes.
  • Remember: choose a fluoride toothpaste adapted to junior teeth and help your child brush twice a day.

The pack should be separated and recycled:

  1. CARDBOARD: paper/cardboard container
  2. BLISTER BUBBLE (PET): plastic container

Please place used products in household waste.

Packaging Materials:

  • Blister bubble: PET 1
  • Backer card: Cardboard PAP 21

GUM JUNIOR Toothbrush is specially designed for children aged 6 and above. The head is covered with soft rubber for safety and comfort while brushing, and central white bristles show children where to place toothpaste.

All our toothbrushes ensure gentle removal of plaque and preserve the health of your gums and teeth. If you have specific oral care conditions, you might want to choose a toothbrush that can help you in your daily oral care routine: a toothbrush for sensitive teeth, or for cleaning orthodontics or to take care of your mouth after surgery.

At GUM we are dedicated to oral health, and understand its implications for overall wellbeing. Research identifies a bidirectional link between gum health and diabetes, as well as a connection between compromised gums and other systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease.  We want to help you take the very best care of your oral health, and yourselves

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