GUM® Post-Operation Toothbrush | Extra Soft Bristles | Compact Head | Ideal For Delicate Oral Care

After dental surgery, it’s normal for your mouth to feel a little sore and tender. Brushing can be uncomfortable, but keeping your teeth and gums clean is extremely important for a quick recovery.
To make sure you can enjoy comfortable and extra-gentle brushing, we have developed this extra-soft toothbrush, with extremely fine (0.10 mm) bristles for maximum brushing delicacy.
It can also be used at other times you experience discomfort, for example with implants and grafts.





  • Specially designed for comfortable and extra gentle brushing after dental surgery, extractions, implants and grafts
  • Extra soft and fine (0.10 mm) bristles provide delicate cleaning
  • Supports a quick recovery following dental operations

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