Our Roots

Our roots lie in professional dentistry. GUM® was born in 1923 when Dr. John O. Butler introduced an ingeniously designed, gentle, rubber-tipped toothbrush that massaged the gums. The brand stood for ‘Gentle Uletic Massage’.
GUM embraced holistic health after its integration into the SUNSTAR company, a family-owned business with a special commitment to mouth and body health. SUNSTAR’s holistic convictions are rooted in the heartfelt experiences of its founding family. Thirty years ago, SUNSTAR pioneered research on the connection between oral and systemic health, casting a light on this crucial relationship. 

This research identified a bidirectional link between gum health and diabetes but also helped discover the connection between compromised gums and other systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease.
If today, we are able to understand these dynamics and better educate our consumers on the importance of preventing inflammation in the mouth - to limit its development in other parts of the body and impact on systemic health - it is thanks to SUNSTAR's holistic vision and dedication to understanding these connections.


GUM stands true to the SUNSTAR motto Help people everywhere lead better, healthier lives’.