GUM PRO SENSITIVE manual toothbrush was meticulously designed to help you care for your sensitive teeth and gums. It provides an ultra gentle brushing experience while delivering superior* everyday care. Its specially designed bristles help you clean in hard-to-reach areas where plaque tends to accumulate, irritate gums and aggravate sensitivity. 
For best results, we recommend using it with the GUM SensiVital® toothpaste and mouthwash.





• Ultra-soft bristles feel extra gentle on sensitive teeth and gums
• Bi-level angled bristles with ultra-thin tips expertly make their way around your teeth, gently cleaning below the gumline and between teeth
• Ergonomic handle helps you naturally position the brush at 45° for optimal brushing results
• Anti-slip grip for a better control while brushing
• Travel cap included – hygienic solution while on-the-go
• Packaging made from 70% recycled PET and recycled paperboard


GUM PRO SENSITIVE bristles are delightfully soft and help you clean with a caring, soft touch.


GUM PRO SENSITIVE is made with a unique configuration of bi-level angled bristles, designed to expertly make their way around your teeth. Their ultra-thin tips reach below the gumline and between teeth, in areas where food and plaque tend to accumulate.


Our ergonomic handle helps you naturally brush at your best. It is designed to help your hand intuitively grip the brush the right way, and effectively position the head on your teeth and gums at the right angle, 45°.


Available in a packaging made from 70% recycled PET and recycled paperboard.

Pamper your sensitive teeth and gums with complete self-care

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The pack should be separated and recycled:

1. CARDBOARD: paper/cardboard container

2. BLISTER BUBBLE: plastic container

Please place used products in household waste.

Packaging Materials:

Blister bubble: 70% recycled PET 1

Backer card: 80% recycled Cardboard PAP 21

GUM PRO SENSITIVE Toothbrush is specially designed to care for sensitive teeth. It provides ultra-deep and extra gentle cleaning, with ultra-thin tip multi-level soft bristles reaching deep under the gumline to help clean the most sensitive areas.

All our toothbrushes ensure gentle removal of plaque and preserve the health of your gums and teeth. If you have specific oral care conditions, you might want to choose a toothbrush that can help you in your daily oral care routine: a toothbrush for sensitive teeth, or for cleaning orthodontics or to take care of your mouth after surgery.

At GUM we are dedicated to oral health, and understand its implications for overall wellbeing. Research identifies a bidirectional link between gum health and diabetes, as well as a connection between compromised gums and other systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease. We want to help you take the very best care of your oral health, and yourselves.

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Note: *vs an ordinary sensitive manual toothbrush.