GUM® BABY Toothbrush | Extra Small Head For Ages 0-2

Regular brushing is the best way to care for your baby’s teeth and lays the foundation good oral health habits. Milk teeth still require attention and care, even if they are “placeholders” for permanent teeth. They have thinner enamel than adult teeth, making them more fragile and prone to decay.

Gentle and easy to use, GUM BABY toothbrushes 0-2 have an extra small head and long handle, letting you easily introduce toothbrushing into your baby's daily routine.





  • Toothbrush with extra small head that fits easily into a baby's mouth
  • Longer handle helps parents to keep a firm hold of the brush
  • Soft bristles gently and thoroughly remove plaque from each tooth to help prevent cavities
  • Suitable for children aged 0-2 when the first tooth appears, available in 4 colors
  • Help build good oral health habits early

A toothbrush specially designed for baby's milk teeth and delicate gums

  • with a small head 
  • with soft bristles
  • with a longer handle to facilitate parents guidance

Make your child's brushing a regular and fun activity right from the start with our GUM Jungle Buddies!

Wondering how and when to brush your baby's teeth? Check our guide!

Additional Information

The pack should be separated and recycled:

  1. CARDBOARD: paper/cardboard container
  2. BLISTER BUBBLE: plastic container

Please place used products in household waste.

Packaging Materials:

  • Blister bubble: PET 1
  • Backer card: Cardboard PAP 21

GUM BABY Toothbrush is specially designed for the youngest mouths, for children aged 0-2. The extra small head, long handle and gentle bristles make it ideal for infant oral care.

All our toothbrushes ensure gentle removal of plaque and preserve the health of your gums and teeth. If you have specific oral care conditions, you might want to choose a toothbrush that can help you in your daily oral care routine: a toothbrush for sensitive teeth, or for cleaning orthodontics or to take care of your mouth after surgery.

At GUM we are dedicated to oral health, and understand its implications for overall wellbeing. Research identifies a bidirectional link between gum health and diabetes, as well as a connection between compromised gums and other systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease.  We want to help you take the very best care of your oral health, and yourselves. 

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