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GUM® SONIC SENSITIVE Battery Toothbrush Refill Heads


Want to get the most out of your GUM SONIC SENSITIVE Battery Toothbrush? Make sure you replace the head every 3 months or as soon as bristles begin to flare out. If you've had a cold or the flu, it's also a good idea to change the head. Designed with ultra soft, bi-level, double tapered bristles that thin out at  both ends, this special head helps you clean hard-to-reach areas of your mouth - between the teeth and below the gum line - where plaque and bacteria tend to accumulate. Compared with a manual flat trim toothbrush, it removes plaque 88% deeper between the teeth. This brush also massages your gums. For an ultra gentle, extra deep clean that will leave your feeling fresh and clean day after day. 


  • Compatible with the GUM SONIC SENSITIVE battery toothbrush and GUM ActiVital® Sonic/GUM SONIC DAILY battery toothbrushes
  • Offers an ultra gentle brushing experience for sensitive teeth and gums
  • Ultra soft, bi-level bristles that thin out at both ends for an ultra gentle, extra deep clean
  • Removes plaque 88% deeper in hard-to-reach areas than a sensitive manual flat trim toothbrush  
  • Easily replaceable to help reduce plastic waste

For an ULTRA GENTLE, extra deep clean

GUM® SONIC SENSITIVE Toothbrush Refill heads with a sonic vibrations


Move bristles from side to side to dislodge more plaque.

GUM® SONIC SENSITIVE Toothbrush Refill Heads with ultra gentle brushing experience like a feather


For sensitive teeth and tender gums.

GUM® SONIC SENSITIVE Toothbrush Refill Heads have bi-level bristles with 88% deeper clean


In hard-to-reach areas[1] thanks to bi-level bristles that thin out at both ends.

GUM® SONIC SENSITIVE Refill Heads with a replaceable head


For less plastic waste every time you change your toothbrush.

3 steps for a complete self-care with GUM® SONIC SENSITIVE Toothbrush Refill Heads

1. Clean between your teeth / 2. Brush / 3. Rinse

[1] than a sensitive, manual flat trim toothbrush