GUM® JUNIOR Toothpaste | Specially Designed For New Permanent Teeth | For Children Aged 6+ | 50ml

The period when a child’s permanent teeth come through and start growing is unique, and it is crucial to help this process as much as possible.

GUM JUNIOR Toothpaste has a gentle formulation made with 98% ingredients of natural origin and is perfectly adapted for children aged 6 and over, as it less abrasive than adult toothpaste, so as not to damage still soft enamel. It contains two special ingredients (fluoride and isomalt) which help prevent cavities. The fun strawberry flavour has a gel texture effect - great for getting kids excited about brushing! 





  • Gentle toothpaste (98% ingredients of natural origin) specially designed for permanent teeth of children aged 6+
  • Less abrasive than adult toothpaste
  • Fluoride and isomalt help protect enamel to prevent cavities
  • Yummy strawberry flavour taste
  • Pleasant gel texture

The strawberry flavour used in the GUM JUNIOR Toothpaste is a combination of natural and synthetic aromas.

The use of high fluoride toothpastes (1450 ppm) is indicated in children 6 years and up for cavity prevention (Pretty I, A: High Fluoride Concentration Toothpastes for Children and Adolescents. Caries Res 2016;50 (suppl 1):9-14. doi: 10.1159/000442797).