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GUM® JUNIOR Toothbrush 6+


Your child can begin practicing brushing alone from age 3. However, to ensure his teeth are properly cleaned, be sure to continue this ritual together with him until he learns the right technique and gets used to healthy habits.

GUM JUNIOR toothbrushes are specially developed for children from 6 years and older. They encourage proper brushing at this important time in their development: when their permanent teeth are growing.


  • Cushioned head for maximum comfort and safety while brushing
  • Soft bristles to gently remove plaque
  • The central white bristles clearly show children where to place the toothpaste, ensuring they use the correct amount
  • Ergonomic, easy-to-grip handle with a thumb-pad in just the right place for little hands
  • Fun suction cup enables the brush to stand upright, keeping the bristles clean and dry
  • Hygienic cap to keep the brush clean between uses
Green GUM Jungle Buddy singing

Our GUM Jungle Buddies will help your little one have fun while brushing

Tooth illustration with 2x and a barrier against bacteria

Regularity is very important to help keep up good toothbrushing habits. Turn brushing into a little «ritual» and make sure your child brushes for two minutes twice a day!

GUM JUNIOR Toothpaste with strong teeth and toothbrush illustration

Use with our GUM JUNIOR Toothpaste for best results