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How to Clean Between your Teeth
for Better Health

Cleaning between your teeth is important for your oral and overall health. Did you know that your teeth have five surfaces which all need cleaning? Although a toothbrush can remove plaque from most surfaces, it cannot reach between your teeth where food debris and plaque accumulate. This is why interdental cleaning after toothbrushing is so important – it’s the only way to remove plaque from all tooth surfaces.

Gingivitis affects up to 90% of the world’s population and is caused by plaque build-up. If left to accumulate, plaque can damage your gums and teeth, causing inflammation, bleeding, dentinal sensitivity and decay, and potentially lead to general health issues.

Want to master interdental cleaning and care for your oral and general health? Watch our video to perfect your technique and follow our tips for a healthy mouth, smile and body. We can all benefit from following the basics of oral care, but we also have different needs that require professional care. This is why you should visit your oral health practitioner
twice a year for personalised care and a professional clean.

Sunstar GUM - How to Clean Between Your Teeth with 4 Quick Techniques | SUNSTAR GUM - null
Floss, interdental brush and pick

If you want to balance efficacy and ease, interdental picks and brushes are probably your best bet. If you have tight interdental spaces, consider using floss.

Interdentals are available in multiple sizes. You may need more than one depending on your interdental spaces.

Interdental brush sliding between teeth

To clean properly, the interdental should slide in with light resistance and fit comfortably, but snuggly, between your teeth. You shouldn’t have to push! Use a gentle back-and-forth motion to clean the entire interdental space.

Interdental pick cleaning back teeth

Don’t forget to clean your back teeth. Some interdentals bend at the neck making it easier to reach back there. Prefer to try an interdental pick? You can follow the same technique.

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