GUM® BI-DIRECTION Dual Position Interdental Brushes | 6 pieces

Cleaning the small spaces between teeth can be tricky.

These innovative dual position interdental brushes let you get where your brush can’t, removing food debris and plaque to give you a deep clean. The movable head gets between hard-to-reach back teeth easily, and the ergonomic, soft rubber handle makes cleaning comfortable. The bristles have a hygienic antibacterial coating. Each dental brush can last for up to a week, fitting conveniently into an oral hygiene routine to support overall health.  





  • Innovative 2-in-1 design / 1 brush, 2 positions: dual position interdental brushes with 90-degree bi-directional brush head - straight position to clean the front teeth, and bent setting for easier, comfortable access to the back teeth
  • Increased plaque removal: comprehensive tooth cleaning coverage and 25% more plaque removal* thanks to unique triangular bristles
  • Reusable up to one week: antibacterial bristle coating** and protection cap mean each interdental brush can be used for up to a week
  • Gentle and effective: the coated wire and rounded tip make these interdental brushes suitable for all oral hygiene needs, including for implants, bridges or orthodontic appliances
  • Find the size that works for you: the range of 5 sizes (xs, s, m, l, xl) means there’s a brush to suit every mouth and clean between small or large interdental spaces


* compared to standard rounded bristles

** chlorhexidine coated

Gently and effectively cleans where your toothbrush alone can’t

5 sizes to fit more interdental spaces

Find out how to clean between your teeth

* vs a brush with standard round filaments