GUM® SOFT-PICKS® MINTY Interdental Cleaners - Mint Flavour

There are places a toothbrush alone can’t reach.

GUM SOFT-PICKS MINTY rubber interdental micro-brushes help gently and effectively clean between teeth. The cool mint flavour gives you a fresh, minty breeze before brushing or on the go. Soft rubber bristles help remove food debris and plaque from between teeth and the flexible neck makes it easy to maneuver in all parts of the mouth for superior comfort, even massaging gums. No latex, wood or metal - for safe, gentle use.





  • Interdental cleaners with cool mint flavour leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean
  • Soft, flexible rubber bristles that slide comfortably between teeth to safely remove plaque and food particles
  • The wide grip with flexible neck give extra comfort and control, particularly when cleaning back teeth
  • Gently stimulates and micro-massages gums for a pleasant sensation and optimal gum health
  • Includes a practical travel case

The only interdental that makes cleaning between your teeth a refreshing experience

So good you’ll want to use it every day

Helps you gently and effectively clean where your toothbrush alone can’t

A soft burst of cool mint in a gentle, rubber micro-brush

Removes sticky plaque & yucky food residue to help keep gums and teeth strong

Feels good & gently massages your gums

An extra minty reason to clean between your teeth every day

GUM SOFT-PICKS are made using safe substances and do not contain any harmful chemicals. The two materials used are food grade and thus suitable for regular mouth contact.

To date, no other material than plastic can deliver an effective yet gentle cleaning of the interdental space and ensure both safety and hygiene. We have been working on finding an alternative material but for the time being, we have decided to not compromise on quality, efficacy and safety to deliver the best experience to our users.

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