GUM® TWISTED FLOSS | Removes Plaque From Between Teeth And Below Gumline | 30M

Brushing alone only removes around half of the plaque in your mouth. Flossing on top can get rid of up to 70%. Dental floss helps you to clean important areas that toothbrushes can’t reach, like between the teeth and under the gumline, where plaque often builds up.

GUM TWISTED FLOSS effectively removes plaque from these difficult-to-access areas. The special design with 2 twisted strings creates up to 30% more flossing surface. The fresh minty green tea taste makes flossing enjoyable.





  • For a deep clean floss removes more plaque from tooth surface
  • Two twisted strings offer up to 30% more flossing surface
  • Waxed surface for easy glide and comfortabe flossing
  • Refreshing minty green tea taste makes flossing feel good and helps establish good habits
  • 70% recycled materials in the outer packaging

It’s time to twist and feel extra fresh & clean, with GUM TWISTED FLOSS.

Experience a refreshing minty green tea sensation every time you floss.

Two twisted strings cover 30% more floss surface. They help you clean deep where plaque tends to hide.

By flossing every day, you can benefit from complete self-care and care for your whole mouth, cleaning where a toothbrush alone cannot.