NOW, I TWIST just like this

Experience a uniquely fresh and deep clean

You’ve probably never tried a twisted floss before.

That’s because our new TWISTED FLOSS is unique and completely new! It’s a great way to clean deeper and remove more plaque than with a toothbrush alone, all while experiencing a refreshing taste of minty green tea.

Try it now - If you are a regular flosser, it will bring a new spark to your daily flossing routine. If you floss only occasionally, this floss will make you ’want to’ do it every day.

Remember daily flossing is essential to clean your whole mouth. It allows you to benefit from the feeling of freshness and well-being only complete self-care can deliver.

Experience a refreshing minty green tea sensation every time you floss

The green thread is flavoured!

Clean deeper and more effectively

Together the two threads cover 30% more flossing surface* 

*versus a single strand.

Benefit from complete self-care

And clean your whole mouth, reaching where a toothbrush alone cannot. It’s easy: floss, brush your teeth and rinse.

Build your own personalized, complete self-care ritual

Discover our full range of flosses, including specialty formats for stained teeth or for teeth with appliances