GUM® KIDS Toothbrush | for children aged 2-6 | soft bristles

Brushing your toddler’s teeth regularly is highly important, as it is the only way of protecting his/her milk teeth from plaque and decay. Getting your child used to brushing twice a day is also a great way of setting the foundations for future, good toothbrushing habits. The earlier they start, the more likely children are to stick to a good toothbrushing routine as they get older.

GUM KIDS toothbrushes are specially designed for young children from 2 to 6 years old, helping them learn how to brush their teeth properly and preventing tooth decay from appearing at this crucial stage of their development.





  • Small, cushioned toothbrush head! Just the right size for this age group
  • Soft bristles gently remove plaque
  • The central colored bristles clearly show children where to place the toothpaste, ensuring they use the correct amount
  • Chunky, easy-to-grip handle with a thumb-pad in just the right place for little hands
  • Free-standing design: a handy suction cup on the bottom of the handle enables the brush to stand upright, keeping the bristles clean
  • Hygienic cap to keep the brush clean between uses

Help your child to establish a good oral care routine while having fun with the help of our GUM Jungle Buddies!

Wondering about how and when to brush your toddler's teeth?

For optimal results, use with our GUM KIDS toothpaste.

  1. Apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush, the colored bristles indicate the correct amount of toothpaste to use!
  2. Stand behind your kid (so that the back of his head can rest on your chest)
  3. Brush all tooth surfaces using a circular or sweeping motion, including the area around the gum line where food and bacteria like to hide
  4. Brush back and forth across the biting surfaces
  5. Use a circular or sweeping motion from the gum to the tooth to clean the inner surfaces.
  6. Celebrate! Joy is a big motivator for toddlers


The toddler age can be challenging! Keep in mind that repetition, not perfection, is the key to win when teaching new life skills. 

Some of the tips below can help you too:

  1. Try to find ways to make brushing fun and exciting.
  2. Children learn many skills through observation and imitation. By demonstrating your own good oral health care habits, your child will learn, too!
  3. By taking turns ("I do it, then you do it") you can help your child feel they are in control as they develop these habits.
  4. Take a pause. If you find you’re getting frustrated, take a step back and try again in a bit.

The pack should be separated and recycled:

  1. CARDBOARD: paper/cardboard container
  2. BLISTER BUBBLE (PET): plastic container

Please place used products in household waste.

Packaging Materials:

  1. Blister bubble: PET 1
  2. Backer card: Cardboard PAP 21

The GUM® KIDS Toothbrush is the perfect brush for children aged from 2-6. It has a small head, non-slip grip handle and soft, dome-shaped bristles for efficient and gentle cleaning of milk teeth.

All our toothbrushes ensure gentle removal of plaque and preserve the health of your gums and teeth. If you have specific oral care conditions, you might want to choose a toothbrush that can help you in your daily oral care routine: a toothbrush for sensitive teeth, or for cleaning orthodontics or to take care of your mouth after surgery.

At GUM we are dedicated to oral health, and understand its implications for overall wellbeing. Research identifies a bidirectional link between gum health and diabetes, as well as a connection between compromised gums and other systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease.  We want to help you take the very best care of your oral health, and yourselves. 

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