GUM® RED-COTE® Tablets | Plaque Disclosing Tablets

Removing plaque is essential for a healthy mouth, and has positive benefits for overall health. But plaque is usually virtually invisible!

Tasty and easy-to-use, GUM RED-COTE Plaque Disclosing Tablets highlight plaque on tooth surfaces and help identify areas that need extra brushing and flossing attention. And are actually very easy to use: rinse your mouth with water. Then chew a cherry-flavoured tablet for 30 seconds, spit out and rinse again with water.
The tablet turns any plaque build-up on the teeth red, making it easy to spot. Then brush or floss these areas until teeth are fully clean.





  • Plaque disclosing tablets help you identify plaque build-up in the mouth
  • Turns plaque build-up red, making it easy to spot and dedicate extra attention to
  • Temporary colouration won't stain the teeth
  • Pleasant cherry flavour 
  • Pack of 12 tablets for convenient home usage

Brushing for 2 minutes as recommended after using GUM RED-COTE Tablets will remove temporary colouration. Colouration may persist in hard-to-reach areas for a limited amount of time.

GUM RED-COTE Tablets are not intended for ingestion. However, since they are mainly composed of food ingredients, swallowing them is safe.

GUM RED-COTE tablets can be used by children 6 years and older. They are not recommended for younger children who may have difficulties following instructions with respect to ingestion. 

GUM RED-COTE Tablets plaque-disclosing tablets highlight plaque on tooth surfaces.

The tablets will turn dental plaque red, making it very easy to spot and clean. The areas can then be brushed or cleaned using interdentals. The product can be used from 6 years of age. It is not intended for swallowing and is therefore not recommended for children below 6 who may have difficulties spitting the tablet out.

GUM RED-COTE Tablets do not contain fluoride. 

GUM RED-COTE Tablets can be used with dentures. In the case of a removable full-mouth denture, it is also possible to use GUM RED-COTE Tablets in a glass.
After brushing, make sure to rinse the denture with a lot of water to avoid colouration.

GUM RED-COTE Tablets contain two types of food-grade dyes: D&C red #28 (CI 45410) & FD&C blue #1 (CI 42090). The dye can easily be removed with the usual 2-minutes brushing.