GUM® SensiVital® + Mouthwash | For Sensitive Teeth | 300ml

That sudden, sharp, unpleasant sensation when something cold or sweet hits your teeth? Most likely tooth sensitivity. Not fun.

The good news is that GUM SensiVital+ mouthwash offers quick and long-lasting relief, helping to care and fortify your dentine and enamel and protect from tooth sensitivity at the same time.
The gentle alcohol-free formula provides an anti-plaque action and the pleasant peppermint flavour gives a fresh, clean sensation.





  • Mouthwash specially designed for sensitive teeth plugs and seals the tiny tubules that make up your dentine
  • Protects sensitive nerve endings that are the source of sensitive tooth pain
  • Helps prevent cavities and root caries with a unique combination of fluoride and isomalt
  • Cares for receding gums with the support of a tailored anti-plaque system
  • Gentle formula without alcohol reduces the risk of irritations

GUM SensiVital + Mouthrinse has been clinically tested [1]:

86% of people using the mouthrinse report long term alleviation from tooth sensitivity [1].

More than 80% of people who have used GUM SensiVital + toothpaste and mouthrinse say they would recommend it to a friend [1].

USAGE Instructions

Rinse twice daily with 15 ml for 30 seconds after brushing. Do not swallow.

Not suitable for children under 6 unless recommended by a healthcare professional

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[1] Internal report. Inovapotek clinical investigation. 28 days of twice daily use. 12.2017

GUM SensiVital + Mouthrinse is gluten-free.

GUM SensiVital + Mouthrinse does not contain any lactose.

Since no lactose or dairy products are processed in the manufacturing site, the probability of lactose contamination in the supply chain is extremely low.