GUM® Technique® Deep Clean Toothbrush

GUM® Technique® Deep Clean has soft, fine tapered bristles that provide a deeper, more effective clean. The unique bristles reach over 400% deeper into hard-to-access areas below the gumline and between the teeth than the normal, flat trim toothbrushes*.
This toothbrush has been clinically designed to help you do the cleaning and plaque removal your dental professional recommends for that "dentist-office" clean feeling at home! 

  • Quad-Grip® handle designed with contours to  help you intuitively hold the brush with perfect brushing technique
  • Fine tapered bristles for more effective cleaning and plaque removal.
  • Compact head size.
  • Dental professionals recommend that you brush twice daily and replace your toothbrush every 3 months






  • DEEP CLEANING: Get a deeper clean with the GUM® Technique® adult toothbrush. Our soft toothbrush features fine tapered bristles that are scientifically proven to reach deeper into narrow oral spaces than traditional round-bristled toothbrushes.
  • QUAD-GRIP® HANDLE:  The Quad-Grip® handle revolutionary design helps you always hold the brush at 45 degrees. Whether you are left- or right-handed, brushing upper or lower teeth, the handle intuitively helps you have the right dental technique.
  • HEALTHY STARTS HERE: Whole body health begins with healthy gums. Research shows that there’s a connection between oral care and overall wellness. Developing a daily routine for healthy gums isn’t just good for your mouth, it’s good for your whole body.