About Us

At GUM® we are passionate about oral health. We come from professional dentistry and are known for the round rubber tip on the end of many toothbrushes - gentle on teeth and gums. This appreciation for the value of gentle is still alive in the brand today. In fact it is core to the brand itself:  GUM® stands for Gentle Uletic Massage.

Along the way, with our integration into the SUNSTAR Group, we have come to embrace a holistic view of oral health. We see oral health not just as an end in itself, but as one of the foundations of a healthy body. SUNSTAR research has shown that mouth health and body health are closely linked - just like our diet can affect our heart health, our mouth health can affect our cardiovascular and metabolic health. Today, the GUM brand is committed to helping people at all stages of life, improve their overall health and well-being, one mouth at a time. 

We also recognize that every mouth is different - and that your oral health needs change over time. Our solutions have been developed with your evolving needs in mind. We offer a wide portfolio of solutions designed to accompany you through different life stages and oral health challenges. Each solution is conceived to help achieve complete oral care and to build personalized oral care rituals, pillars of a healthy lifestyle. We invest in turning your oral care routines into gentle and delightful rituals to help you love what you do. We believe complete mouth care will give you an unprecedented feeling of every day freshness and wellbeing. Learn more about our roots, and our solutions.

Learn more about the link between your oral health and whole body health.