GUM® EasyThread® Floss, Orthodontic Threader

GUM® EasyThread®Floss is a unique Puffy Floss designed to fill hard-to-clean spaces for effective removal of plaque and food debris. Ideal for cleaning interdental spaces beneath orthodontic braces, permanent retainers, fixed bridges, and dental implants. 

  • Each roll provides 50 uses
  • Floss on a rewindable dispenser
  • Each section of dental floss features a built-in rigid dental floss threader






  • PERFECT FOR BRACES & BRIDGES: GUM® EasyThread® Floss features a unique puffy floss that expands and enables greater surface contact and a deeper clean in the spaces between dental devices, orthodontic braces, fixed bridges, retainers, and dental implants.
  • 50 USES PER SPOOL: Our braces floss comes in a convenient, rewindable dispenser. Simply pull the floss out of the dispenser until you reach a stiff green floss threader, then cut the floss in the middle of the threader. Each spool provides 50 uses.
  • HEALTHY STARTS HERE: Research continues to show the connection between oral health and overall health. The GUM® brand is committed to providing innovative oral care products that make achieving optimum dental health accessible for everyone.