GUM® Crayola™ Kids' Twistables™ Flossers

Start building healthy habits today with GUM® Crayola Kids’ Flossers. GUM® Crayola Twistables Flossers offer an easy-to-use way to turn between teeth cleaning into a fun experience your children will look forward to. GUM® Crayola™ Kids' Twistables™ Flossers are made with an ergonomically designed twisted handle that fits into little hands. 

  • Fluoride coated dental floss. 
  • Dental Floss engineered to resist shredding and slide easily between teeth. 
  • Longer handle provide more comfort and control for little hands.
  • 3 Twisted fruit flavors - Watermelon (Red), Grape (Purple), and Apple (Green)






  • TWISTABLES™ FLOSSERS: Crayola™Kids' Twistables™ floss picks for kids feature a longer, twisted handle that makes it easy for small hands to reach both front & back teeth. Twisted dental floss flattens easily to slip between teeth for an ouch-free clean.
  • FLUORIDE COATED: Each of our floss picks for kids features pre-loaded, shred resistant dental floss that's coated with fluoride.
  • HEALTHY STARTS HERE: The GUM® brand is committed to providing innovative care products that make between teeth cleaning accessible for people of all ages to achieve their healthiest life possible.