GUM® ORTHO Wax | Protects Against Pain Caused By Braces | Pre-cut Wax

Wearing a brace, retainer, or other orthodontic appliance can make taking care of your teeth tricky, and can make your mouth sore and uncomfortable. But it doesn't have to be like this.

GUM ORTHO Wax is specially designed to help protect the oral tissue against lesions and relieves irritation caused caused by an orthodontic device. Simply apply the pre-cut pieces by pressing gently onto the wires or brackets that are irritating your mouth. The wax will act as a protective barrier to improve your comfort level.





  • Specially designed wax strips prevent and protect against soreness or pain caused by braces
  • Wax acts as a protective barrier to improve your comfort level
  • Pre-cut pieces of wax for a more hygienic and convenient application
  • Easy on-the-go and convenient case so you can keep them with you wherever you go

Note: Read instructions for use carefully before use. Class I Medical Device.

Manufacturer: Sunstar Europe S.A., Route de Pallatex 11, CH-1163 Etoy.