GUM® Original White Floss

Over time, it's normal for teeth to become stained because of certain foods and drinks, smoking, medication and even aging.  

Our experts have developed the GUM Original White range to not only effectively remove stains, but also to help stop them from reappearing. 

GUM Original White Floss is a whitening floss that helps remove stains from between the teeth, where a toothbrush cannot reach. 

The result: effective interdental and below-the-gumline plaque control, helping you to enjoy healthy and more beautiful teeth and gums.





  • Reaches between the teeth and below the gumline
  • Contains fluoride
  • Waxed

For best results, check out the complete kit – it brings together all the tools you need to gently remove and keep stains off your teeth, all while fortifying gums and enamel.

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