GUM® EXPANDING FLOSS | Removes Plaque Between Teeth | 30M

Flossing should be an essential part of your daily routine, as brushing alone only removes around half of all plaque.

GUM EXPANDING FLOSS is thin and easy to insert. Once it has been inserted, the floss expands significantly. This enables it to fit easily into all the spaces between teeth, reach more tooth surfaces, and clean below the gumline - where plaque often builds out of reach of a toothbrush.





  • Thin dental floss that's easy to insert between teeth to clean spaces your brush can't reach
  • Expands significantly for more effective cleaning, with a waxed surface for easy glide
  • Gentle on gums and ideal for sensitive gums and teeth
  • Covers more dental surfaces and cleans below the gumline, where plaque can build out of reach of a brush

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