GUM® Original White Mouthwash | Restores Original Whiteness Of Teeth | 500ml

The natural white colouring of our teeth can be lost due to stains from food, drinks, smoking, medication, or even simply because of aging.

Our experts have developed the GUM Original White range to not only effectively remove stains, but also to help stop them from reappearing.

GUM Original White mouthwash gently dissolves existing stains and stops them from coming back thanks to its unique Stain Clear™ agent.

Use 10-15 ml twice daily for at least 30 seconds after brushing your teeth.





  • Restores original whiteness, our mouthwash helps to effectively remove stains from teeth
  • Gently dissolves existing stains and stops them from coming back thanks to its unique stain clear™ agent.
  • Fluoride and isomalt help protect enamel to prevent cavities
  • Alcohol free formula is gentle on gums

Reinforces the anti-stain action of GUM Original White toothpaste.  Works thanks to Stain Clear, gentle formulation that dissolves stains without the use of harsh ingredients.

Gentle on teeth and gums. With vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 to keep gums healthy. With fluoride and isomalt to fortify enamel. Suited for people with tooth sensitivity.

For best results, check out the complete kit – it brings together all the tools you need to gently remove and keep stains off your teeth, all while fortifying gums and enamel.

Find out more about stained teeth.

Additional Information

The pack should be recycled:

  • BOTTLE: plastic container

Packaging Materials:

  • Bottle, cap & plastic wrapper: plastic

GUM Original White Mouthwash gently dissolves existing stains and stops them from coming back. It also helps help protect enamel to prevent cavities.

The final step in a good oral care routine is rinsing, as it helps remove additional bacteria and remineralise teeth. There are a variety of mouthwashes - those with fluoride to strengthen your enamel, those that relieve sensitive teeth or help provide great breath, antiseptic mouthwash that kills bacteria and will also give fresh breath, whitening mouthwashes for discoloured teeth, as well as specialist formulas for dry mouth and advanced oral care.

At GUM we are dedicated to oral health, and understand its implications for overall wellbeing. Research identifies a bidirectional link between gum health and diabetes, as well as a connection between compromised gums and other systemic conditions such as cardiovascular disease. We want to help you take the very best care of your oral health, and yourselves.