GUM® HYDRAL® Moisturizing Gel | For Dry Mouth | 50ml

A dry mouth is uncomfortable, and can also cause damage.
Caused by a lack of saliva, it can bring various problems, which can impact our general, not only our oral health.

GUM HYDRAL Gel offers instant and long-lasting relief from dry mouth.
Simply apply 1 to 2 cm to the gums and tongue up to 10 times per day, especially before going to bed and at night. Repeat as necessary for a period up to 30 days.





  • Moisturizing gel for dry mouth coats the oral tissues for additional lubrication and comfort
  • Gentle formula with no glycerin or strong aroma
  • Refreshing taste pleasant spearmint herbal flavour
  • For adults and children aged 7 and over

Note: Read instructions carefully before use. Class I Medical Device.
Manufacturer: SUNSTAR Europe S.A., Route de Pallatex 11, CH-1163 Etoy.

GUM HYDRAL products are free from the following allergens: cinnamal and salicylaldehyd. A very low concentration of eugenol and geraniol is contained in the products.

GUM HYDRAL products do not contain any material of animal origin or gluten. 

GUM HYDRAL products do not contain gum arabic.

GUM HYDRAL products protect the oral mucosa from irritation due to dryness by forming a protective barrier over dry oral tissues. This action is favoured by an innovative combination of active ingredients. 

  • PVP: mucoadhesive and the main ingredient in the formation of a protective barrier over the oral mucosa.
  • Sodium hyaluronate: provides mechanical protection of oral soft tissues and cell layers thanks to its high viscosity. It also provides hydration.
  • Propanediol: a known humectant with moisturising properties.
  • Betaine: forms a water coating that protects oral cells.
  • Taurine: has an antioxidant role which stabilises the cell membranes and protects the cells.

Yes, GUM HYDRAL products contain sorbitol, a carbohydrate made from corn, wheat and potato. It is used to preserve moisture.

GUM HYDRAL products provide immediate and long-lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms and protect the mouth from damage due to dryness, thanks to moisturising and hydrating agents. 

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