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Does Your Child Have Diabetes?

The role of parents in the life of a child with diabetes is key for the little one to achieve, little by little, the independence and autonomy adequate for his/her age. At the beginning, you will need to accompany him/her in all his/her routines and explain what to do in each situation. After a while, you will be surprised to see how mature your son (or daughter) has become to live normally with his/her diabetes.

However, the parents' support will always be a fundamental pillar in the lives of their children. And to be always on top of things, we advise you to follow these seven tips for help managing childhood diabetes:


1. Maintain a positive attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude towards diabetes will always empower your children to cope better with their situation and not decay when they have bad moments.

2. Surround yourself with a good medical team

Find a medical team with which you feel comfortable and establish a relationship of trust with them. You will thus feel confident to call them whenever you have doubts or questions popping up in your head.

3. Take necessary precautions when you go out of your usual routine

When you are on a trip, go on a hike to the mountain, do sport or change your daily routine because you are on vacation, prepare things ahead of mind and anticipate any situation that may arise.

4. Change the diet of the whole family

Modify the diet of the whole family so that your child feels comfortable and does not see that their routine is different from that of others.

5. Visit the dentist regularly

Visits to the dentist can also reveal poor blood glucose control and, therefore, poor control of diabetes. The dentist will also explain how to take care of your child's mouth so that diabetes does not harm their oral health.

6. Have a plan for all risk situations

Be clear about how to act in case of hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia, always keep the rapid sugars and insulin in the same place, save the emergency numbers on your mobile’ speed dial, know which medical centre is closest to your home, school and your kid’s activity centres.

7. Find people in your same situation

Join associations or groups that are in your same situation. Sharing knowledge, situations and emotions always helps.

Following these tips with your child, the adaptation and subsequent coexistence with diabetes will be, sure, a flatter path.



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