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Myths and Truths about Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a dental treatment used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. It allows to correct and align the teeth, and to solve problems like unwanted biting or chewing discomfort.


Due to improved technology and evolution in treatments, more and more people of all ages are choosing orthodontic treatments to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Today there are different types of orthodontics, depending on the need you have you will use either:

  • fixed orthodontic appliances when the issues are more severe; 
  • removable appliances when the issues are simpler, 
  • and those destined for aesthetic purposes.

Here are seven most common Myths and Truths we hear about:

1. Orthodontics are only for aesthetic purposes: Myth 

Orthodontics not only improve the aesthetics of the mouth, but also helps to align the teeth and to correct problems such as crowding or defective mastication. When you masticate food, you chew it. Poor digestion can result from defective mastication of the food in the mouth. 

2. During the treatment, I won't be able to eat anything I like: Myth

Wearing an orthodontic appliance doesn't prevent you from eating the foods you enjoy. However, hard foods should be cut into small pieces and some soft candies, such as taffy or hard caramels are better off not being chewed to prevent losing a bracket.

3. There is no ideal time to wear orthodontics: Myth 

Although it is more common among children and young people than older people, treatment can be started at any age. In other words, any age is a good age to take proactive steps in correcting oral issues. If you visit your dentist regularly, they will help guide you and refer you to a specialist when the time is right.

4. If retaining devices are not used after treatment, your teeth can move: Truth

Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, a retention phase is necessary to ensure the teeth to do not move. To maintain the results achieved with orthodontics it is important to use the retainers recommended by the dentist. Retainers can be in the form a small wire placed permanently in behind the teeth or can be a removable appliance. Speak to your Orthodontist about your options. 

5. Orthodontic treatments are very long: Myth 

The duration of the treatment will depend on the needs of each patient. There are treatments that last 12 months and others that can be extended to 24 months.

6. Extra care must be taken with oral hygiene during the treatment: Truth

When wearing braces or appliances, extra attention to dental cleaning is necessary, especially when you have fixed appliances, such as braces or retainers, as it is easier to accumulate food debris. 

We suggest using dental floss and interdental brushes regularly to eliminate the remains of food that the toothbrush hasn't successfully removed. The cleaning may vary depending on the type of orthodontic appliance. Explore the GUM® ORTHO products created especially for orthodontic wearers. 

We wish you good a good orthodontic treatment and a healthy, happy smile during and after!

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