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JUNGLE FUN and a job well done

A little girl is smiling and she is sorrounded by the jungle buddies in her bathroom and meantime she is taking the GUM Kids pink Toothbrush

Help your child brush twice a day and love it!

Brushing teeth is one of those necessary life skill-sets every child needs to learn.  As a parent, you want brushing twice a day,  for two minutes, to become second nature. To get there, it’s best to start early, establish a routine and stick to it. We know it’s not easy- that’s why we’ve decided  to help you make it fun!

GUM Children Products: the toothbrushes and the toothpastes for Kids 3+ and for Junior 6+

For babies 0+, kids 2+ and juniors 6+

  • Small, age-adapted & cushioned heads
  • Soft bristles, dome-shaped for better reach
  • Toothpaste indicator (GUM® KIDS & GUM JUNIOR)
  • Soft easy grip
  • Stand-up suction cup (GUM KIDS & GUM JUNIOR)
  • Extra long handle for mum and dad (GUM BABY)
  • 1 minute light-up timer (GUM JUNIOR only)
  • Age adapted fluoride and isomalt


Introduce your little one to our Jungle Buddies to get his/her imagination flowing when brushing

Yellow babies jungle buddies are so cute and they are smiling

Leo and Groa

cute and lovable, they are the babies of the tribe

A couple of green Jungle Buddies are hilarious and the female is dancing

Bim and Bam

filled with energy, they bring laughter to everyone they meet

A couple of blue and funny Jungle Buddies are greeting you

Moh and Zoa

fun and mischievous, they are a source of adventures

Brushing superheroes listen to or read the story

Once upon a time, in a faraway jungle, there was a happy, quirky tribe of jungle buddies who lived in a giant jungle tree... So begins the story of the jungle buddies and their incredible superpowers. 

The yellow Jungle Buddy is disguised as a tree rich in flower and covered by a white space including some words

Brush and sing along

Song written and illustrated with the Jungle Buddy upside down, the lianas and the flowers