JUNGLE FUN and a job well done

Help your child brush twice a day and love it!

Brushing teeth is one of those necessary life skill-sets every child needs to learn.  As a parent, you want brushing twice a day,  for two minutes, to become second nature. To get there, it’s best to start early, establish a routine and stick to it. We know it’s not easy- that’s why we’ve decided  to help you make it fun!

For babies 0+, kids 2+ and juniors 6+

  • Small, age-adapted & cushioned heads
  • Soft bristles, dome-shaped for better reach
  • Toothpaste indicator (GUM® KIDS & GUM JUNIOR)
  • Soft easy grip
  • Stand-up suction cup (GUM KIDS & GUM JUNIOR)
  • Extra long handle for mum and dad (GUM BABY)
  • 1 minute light-up timer (GUM JUNIOR only)
  • Age adapted fluoride and isomalt


Introduce your little one to our Jungle Buddies to get his/her imagination flowing when brushing

Leo and Groa

cute and lovable, they are the babies of the tribe

Bim and Bam

filled with energy, they bring laughter to everyone they meet

Moh and Zoa

fun and mischievous, they are a source of adventures

Brush and sing along