GUM® SONIC DAILY Battery Toothbrush Refill Heads

For a great brushing experience every day, we recommend you replace the head of your GUM SONIC DAILY battery toothbrush (previously known as GUM ActiVital® Sonic) regularly every 3 months or when bristles begin to flare out. If you've had a cold or the flu then you should also change the head.

This special head features soft, bi-level, tapered bristles that thin out at one end for a superior clean. These bristles allow you to reach and clean hard-to-reach areas where bacteria and plaque tend to accumulate. Compared with those of a manual flat trim toothbrush, they offer 50% more efficacy in cleaning between the teeth and remove 47x more plaque below the gum line.  





  • Compatible with the GUM SONIC DAILY, GUM ActiVital Sonic and GUM SONIC SENSITIVE battery toothbrushes 
  • Soft, bi-level, tapered bristles for an extra deep, gentle clean
  • 50% more efficacy in cleaning between the teeth compared with a manual flat trim toothbrush
  • Easily replaceable to help reduce plastic waste
  • Should be replaced regularly every 3 months

For an extra deep, gentle clean


move bristles from side to side to dislodge more plaque.


in cleaning between the teeth[1] thanks to soft, single tapered bristles. 


Loved by consumers in France, Italy, Poland and Spain.


for less plastic waste every time you change your brush.

1. Clean between your teeth / 2. Brush / 3. Rinse

[1] vs a manual flat trim toothbrush

[2] Consumer awards won in France (Les Victoires de la Beauté 2018-2019), Italy (Prodotto dell’anno 2019), Poland (Influencer's Top 2019) and Spain (Producto del Año 2020).