Our Oral Care Rituals

Our oral care rituals celebrate everyday health. They offer more complete self-care than brushing alone. Built around 3 easy steps, they allow you to gently and effectively clean your whole mouth, including the tiny spaces between teeth and along the gum line, which play an important role in our oral wellbeing and are the source of many oral health challenges. Give our rituals a try and experience a delightful feeling of wellness, freshness and cleanliness, every day.

Discover the fulfilling sensation and HOLISTIC HEALTH BENEFITS of new oral care RITUALS

1. Gently and effectively clean where a toothbrush can’t, using a gentle interdental brush

Eliminate small food particles and bacteria hiding between teeth to achieve an extra deep clean and keep your mouth feeling extra fresh and clean throughout the day.  A super easy and feel-good step that is essential to help prevent gum inflammation and its far-reaching effects on your teeth and body health. If you prefer to clean between teeth after using your toothbrush, that's fine too. Do what works best for you, what matters is that you do it at least once a day. Check out our tips on how to clean between teeth and let us help you find the interdental brush that is right for you

2. Brush teeth to keep them looking and feeling healthy, clean and radiant

Eliminate food residue and plaque to keep your teeth feeling smooth and breath feeling fresh throughout the day.  Use a toothbrush with soft, tapered bristles to clean below the gum line where plaque accumulates. Combine with one of our gentle toothpastes that help fight plaque and fortify teeth and gums. Check out our tips on how to brush and how to choose your toothbrush. To find the toothpaste that is adapted to your oral health needs, check out our toothpaste range

3. Rinse with a gentle mouthrinse to strengthen your teeth and gums and prolong the effects of your good brushing

End your oral care ritual with the fortifying effects of a mouthrinse – good for your teeth and gums. Mouthrinses easily spread inside your mouth, covering all nooks and crannies. Opt for a mouthwash with an anti-plaque action and fluoride to fortify your teeth. Look out for mouthwash with soothing natural ingredients for your gums. Finally, favour a formulation that is gentle and alcohol-free that will not disrupt your natural mouth flora. For a complete oral care ritual, make sure your rinse at least once a day after brushing. Find the mouthrinse that's right for you here

You can practice these rituals every day as part of your self-care. Our wide range of solutions, developed with oral care experts, address all kinds of different oral care needs. Discover our products and choose the ones that are right for you to create your own personalised oral care ritual. 

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