GUM® BUTLERWEAVE® Waxed Dental String Floss, Mint - 165m

ButlerWeave® Dental String Floss is crafted using a uniquely woven floss design that resists shredding as it works its way into and out of the narrow spaces between teeth. Once it gets between the teeth, it works to remove food particles and dental plaque from below the gumline, where tooth decay and gum disease start. Further, using ButlerWeave® Dental Floss daily can help remove dental plaque before it hardens and causes gum irritation.





  • SHRED RESISTANT FLOSS. ButlerWeave® Floss is crafted with uniquely woven floss, designed to resist shredding
  • SLIDES EASILY BETWEEN TEETH. It slips between the narrow spaces between teeth to remove plaque and food particles
  • REWINDABLE WHEEL to prevent wasted floss
  • AVAILABLE IN MINT WAXED and WAXED. This quality dental floss is available in 2 types; Mint-Waxed and Waxed – which aids in the ability to slip between teeth
  • HELPS PREVENT GUM DISEASE AND CAVITIES by flossing between the teeth daily; users can go a long way towards preventing dental plaque from hardening and irritating the gums

*vs. leading floss DOF #0036