GUM® Travel Toothbrush Covers

Protect your toothbrush with the perfect portable toothbrush cover. Introducing the perfect way to protect your toothbrush from germs* - wherever you go. The GUM travel toothbrush cover is designed to protect the toothbrush from airborne and other bacteria and helps to keep the bristles straight for effective cleaning. The toothbrush cover has an indirect physiological impact on the mouth cavity. The toothbrush cover is ventilated to help keep the toothbrush dry between uses. Our toothbrush head cover protects your toothbrush from cross contamination with a snap on plastic cover. Simply snap on the cap and then throw your toothbrush into your toiletries kit, handbag, or suitcase worry free. It's the perfect toothbrush case for traveling, camping, road trips, or simply protecting germs from coming into contact with your toothbrush* while at home. Each pack of toothbrush covers includes 4 caps in a variety of fun pastel colors. Keep them on hand for yourself or use the individual colors to keep toothbrushes from getting mixed up during family trips. *DOF-0048





  • PROTECT YOUR BRUSH : The GUM travel toothbrush cover is the perfect quick and easy way to keep your toothbrush away from germs whether you're at home or on the road. Pack of 4
  • EASY SANITARY STORAGE : Our toothbrush holder features a snap-on plastic cover that protects your brush head from cross-contamination, and airborne bacteria*. Each cap comes with air vents that allow the brush head to dry between uses
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: Our travel toothbrush holders are the perfect quick and easy way to keep your toothbrush away from germs during vacations, business trips, camping trips, and hiking trips
  • FITS MOST STANDARD TOOTHBRUSHES: Each pack contains 4 toothbrush covers in a variety of fun pastel colors. Our toothbrush caps are designed to fit most standard-bristled manual toothbrushes
  • HEALTHY STARTS HERE: Research continues to show the connection between oral health and overall health. The GUM brand is committed to providing innovative oral care products that make achieving optimum dental health accessible for everyone.