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GUM PAROEX® 0.12% Intensive Action Mouthrinse


If you suffer from inflamed or bleeding gums, you’re not alone, with around 70% of us experiencing gum problems at some point in our lives. Although gum problems are very common, it’s a condition that needs to be treated as early as possible to avoid more serious health conditions. The good news is that our experts have developed a special solution. The GUM® Paroex® range has been designed to help your gums get back to, or stay in, great health. It not only tackles existing plaque, but also prevents further problems from appearing by stopping new plaque from building up. GUM® PAROEX® Intensive Action Mouthrinse 0.12% is a particularly good choice for the post-surgery period or after tooth extraction. Use 10 to 15ml twice daily for 30 seconds after brushing for fast action against gum problems.

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