GUM® Original White Toothpaste

Naturally white teeth.

Healthier gums

New improved formula is scientifically proven to
• Effectively remove stains
• Prevent their reappearance
While strengthening your gums and teeth

Stain removal Gently removes surface stains without damaging enamel thanks to the high cleaning low-abrasive micro-silica action.
Stain dissolution Dissolves stains, even in the crevices of tooth enamel thanks to the Unique StainClear agent.
Stain prevention Delivers a protective coating to prevent stain adhesion and accumulation.
Enhanced efficacy Enhances stain removal thanks to the special micro-bubble foam, delivering higher content of StainClear agent for maximum contact with the entire tooth surface
Healthier gums Revitalizes gums - Pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin 5 and Allantoin.
Stronger teeth Reinforces and protects tooth enamel - Fluoride (1490 ppm) + Isomalt.

No bleaching agents. No abrasives.

For maximum benefit, use with GUM® Original White sonic power toothbrush.

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Stained or discolored teeth

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GUM® Original White