Adult Toothbrushes

GUM® Activital®

Active in the vital areas to prevent gingivitis and maintain healthier gums

Clinically proven to reduce gingivitis.

The micro-thin bristles gently penetrate into all crevices - including interdental areas and below the gumline - to remove plaque without the abrasive damage of regular bristles. 

The unique tufting pattern is clinically designed for deeper cleaning between the teeth and along the gumline to prevent the development of gum disease

  • Triangular shaped tufts to fit bristles between the teeth where gum disease originates.
  • Rectangular shaped tufts designed for superior gumline cleaning and massaging of the gums.



The advanced ergonomic handle design, with slender neck, absorbs excess brushing force allowing gentle brushing as recommended by dentists to preserve gums from damage.


The super thin brush head is designed to easily access all areas of the mouth.


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GUM® Activital