GUM® ActiVital® Daily Rinse

Healthy gums and teeth everyday

GUM® Paroex Daily Prevention Rinse

Ideal to prevent dental plaque
accumulation and provide long-term
protection against gum problems.

GUM® Paroex Short term Treatment Rinse

Specifically indicated for professional
plaque control to address periodontal
tissue damage.

GUM® Original White Rinse

- Gently removes stains
- Prevents stain adhesion

GUM® SensiVital Rinse

A mouthrinse for
daily relief and prevention
of sensitive teeth

GUM® HaliControl Rinse

Restores a pure healthy breath.

GUM® Ortho Rinse

Strengthens plaque and protects the gum

6030FDGB GUM Hydral MR BoxBottle_EN-DE


MOISTURIZES/PROTECTS/SOOTHES Immediate and long-lasting dry mouth relief

3020IEDF_GUM Junior rinse

GUM® Junior Rinse 7+ Years

Advanced Cavity Prevention &
Protection against acid erosion