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Organic Care

Perhaps you already eat organic food or use organic skincare… but what about oral care? If you think about it, toothpaste goes in your mouth every single day… A natural toothpaste can provide the extra gentle care you know your body and health deserve. If you are a believer in organic and natural ingredients, then the GUM® BIO Toothpaste could be a great option for you and your family.
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GUM BIO Toothpaste natural and organic ingredients

Why choose organic oral care?

Purposefully-selected natural and organic ingredients make organic oral care solutions extra gentle. All the goodness of nature for your gums and teeth.

GUM BIO Tootpaste choose the correct organic care formulation

Is organic toothpaste effective?

We know this is a widespread concern. Many people believe that if it’s organic, then it probably won’t do the job. There are many organic products out there which offer all the goodness of nature but aren’t effective at protecting your teeth against cavities and enamel weakening. GUM believes you shouldn’t have to compromise.

Certifications GUM BIO Tootpaste

What organic products are worth buying?

Greenwashing is widespread unfortunately, so you have every right to be suspicious. In fact, we encourage you to be cautious. With GUM BIO Toothpaste, you can relax – our toothpaste received the COSMOS ORGANIC certification from Ecocert Greenlife and is also certified by Cosmebio. These certifications guarantee the organic integrity of our toothpaste. Their stringent criteria (regarding product composition, ingredient sourcing, production, packaging etc.) ensure the product is genuinely respectful of both your health and the environment. With the planet in mind, we packaged our toothpaste in a 100% recyclable cardboard box made of 80% recycled paper. Our toothpaste is also certified vegan so you can rest assured that your choice of toothpaste is as ethical as it is healthy.