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GUM® SensiVital® + Toothpaste


If you find yourself giving up cold foods and drinks or sweets because they make your teeth hurt, you’re probably suffering from tooth sensitivity.

The good news is that GUM SensiVital + Toothpaste offers quick and long-lasting alleviation. It protects and strengthens your enamel as well as desensitizing your nerves. For adults and children 7 years and older.


  • PLUGS & SEALS the tiny tubules that make up your dentine
  • FORTIFIES your tooth surface by promoting remineralization of the enamel and the exposed dentine
  • DESENSITIZES sensitive nerve endings that are the source of your pain
  • Helps prevent cavities and root caries thanks to the unique combination of fluoride, isomalt and orange peel extracts contained in the toothpaste
  • Cares for receding gums with the support of a tailored anti-plaque system
  • Provides gentle care to your oral tissues thanks to a uniquely gentle profile, without alcohol that reduces the risk of irritations 
  • Pleasant peppermint flavor for a fresh, clean sensation

Protects and fortifies your dentine & enamel and desensitizes your nerves

Dual Action

GUM SensiVital + has been clinically tested

 Internal report. Inovapotek clinical investigation. 28 days of twice daily use. 12.2017

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70% of people who tried the toothpaste report immediate alleviation from tooth sensitivity

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