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Gentle interdentals to keep your teeth and gums healthy & strong

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You can find the complete range of GUM SOFT-PICKS on Amazon.

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You can clean and massage your gums _any time of the day. The important thing _is to do it every day.

You can clean and massage your gums any time of the day. The important thing is to do it every day.

EASILY FIT & SLIDE in between all interdental spaces - from tight to wide
EFFECTIVELY CARE with soft & flexible rubber bristles that remove food debris and more plaque
GENTLY MASSAGE your gums to keep them_healthy & strong

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  • Soft & flexible rubber bristles
  • Jaw-like shape to easily reach your back teeth
  • Extra comfortable grip
  • Available in 3 sizes


  • Soft & flexible rubber bristles
  • Flexible & bendable head
  • Extra comfortable grip


  • Soft & flexible rubber bristles
  • Easy grip
  • Easy to fit and slide in between teeth

Daily Care - It takes 3!

Brush, clean in between your teeth & rinse every day. At GUM, we know that good everyday oral care is an important part of a healthy life.
Our DAILY CARE range provides you with a variety of gentle oral care products that are kind to your oral health and help you preserve healthy teeth, gums and oral flora.
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GUM Daily Care Solution

* vs standard manual toothbrushes (internal report)